Gold Digger

Supply/Demand. Sold out. Often times we fear that the fluctuating market of our emotional experiences will leave us wanting, with little to no provision remaining. This is especially true when we are in a season of struggle. We respond by isolating our emotional resources from others because we are afraid the demand cannot be met. But what if there was an endless supply? What if there was excess available to you? What if that mine of treasures was within your possession and you were not left to scavenge? You do not need to hoard for fear the well of emotional sturdiness will run dry.

You do not need to hoard for fear the well of emotional sturdiness will run dry.

We rarely take inventory of our internal resources until they become threatened in some way. Whether that be through relational conflict, loneliness, life demands, or transition. We then ask and assess, “Do I have what it takes?”  and “Can I deal?”  We are afraid to answer because we fear the possibility that we don’t have what it takes and might be incapable to deal.

I consider my clients some of the most courageous people I know because they risk asking and investigating what they possess in order to face what comes their way. They do so with vulnerability, authenticity, and a fortitude that looks a lot like grit. Because the unknown is more paralyzing than the answer, they set forth to find what treasure trove lies beneath, what their endurance will reveal about their truest selves. Over time, they discover they are lavishly supplied with what they need and more importantly, that they are their own source. They are then able to offer more of their emotional energy and strength in relationship to self and others because they know they are internally rich. I encourage you to consider going on a treasure hunt, who knows what you’ll find.