A Blessing, Healed Wounds

That which haunts us will always find a way out. The wound will not heal unless given witness. The shadow that follows us is the way in. -Rumi

It is a new year. I do not know what the last year held for you. I hope there was laughter and joy and delight. I also can imagine there was also sorrow, pain, disappointment, disbelief. New anything often brings about reflection regarding the old. So you may be at a juncture of reflecting on things from your past. You may wonder about past events and its impact on you. You may be curious about the ways you choose to engage and relate with others. Some things may feel very overwhelming or intolerable to question. That’s okay. We aren’t meant to journey solo. Often we need a guide to remind us where we are going when the path seems treacherous. At times, this guide can come in the form of a counselor. I hope that whomever you choose to walk alongside, you’ll find your way to wholeness and healing, releasing and making meaning of the wounds from the past.